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Oct 14, 2009

Hot Souffles

Last Sunday's class focused on one topic and one topic only: Hot Souffles.

A hot souffle is made with a flavored base that is lightened by folding in whipped egg whites. It is then baked to further expand the air bubbles trapped in the egg whites, which explains the light airy texture of this delicious dessert. I learned a lot of technique regarding souffles - I think those are the most important points to soak in during class, learning and understanding the techniques behind baking. Ok back to souffles... So once they come out of the oven, you must serve them right away. I've never been so happy to see a multitude of white ramekins come out of the oven for immediate service!

Sweet Potato Souffle

Citrus Souffle

Chocolate Souffle

White Chocolate Souffle

Fallen Chocolate Souffle Cake

Dressed-Up Chocolate Souffle

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  1. let's do the chocolate souffle, darling. pls. <3


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