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Oct 18, 2009

Farmers Market: Directory

The stalls we ate from...

"The fare here is Mexican but it is decidedly not typical: Chef Jimmy Shaw's fare is genuine Mexican, built on family recipes which generations have tested and perfected. Lighter than typical Mexican fare and infinitely more flavorful, the entire menu is absolutely unique - and utterly delicious."

++I got the probaditas, which is a sampler of all 12 tacos served on mini hand-made corn tortillas. I highly recommend this dish if you want a taste of it all!

"No cafeteria anywhere can compete with this churrascaria - move down the line to select from an amazing assortment of side dishes (salads, corn, pastas, and much more) and finish at the main course station: slowly turning beef steak, lamb, and chicken. You pick exactly what you desire and the serving size you want. Among the newer market choices, Pampas is also one of the most popular."

++For side dishes, Jon got: mixed rice, beet & eggplant salad, fresh tomatoes and steamed broccolini. For the meat, he got: garlic chicken (so good!) and beef steak.

"Bill Thee offers delightful baked goods at his Country Bakery. Desserts of all kinds: funnel cakes, rich tortes and delicious cookies. Whether you're shopping for the perfect dessert for a meal or just looking for a heavenly snack, this is the perfect spot."

++If you're at the Country Bakery, you better order the funnel cake. You must. You have to. Get it? Got it? GOOD.

*For more narratives on what's offered at the Farmers Market, click here

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