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Sep 7, 2009

Say, "Cheeesseee...Cake!"

When I was younger, I used to say that cheese cake was my favorite dessert. Whenever it came up on a dessert menu, I was quick to decide what to order. The Cheese Cake Factory used to be my mecca, I was always wanting to try every single variation in the house. Looking back, I think it's because my mom used to bake cheese cake for lots of special - and everyday - occasions.

Original cheese cake with peaches on top >> That brings back lots of memories from living at home. Not wanting to wait 'till the cake was chilled, thinking it was sneaky to be able to hide the occasional cracking with fruit toppings, secretly going back for another slice and pretending not to know who ate the last piece, bringing the cake to dinner parties, decorating the top of the cake with different fruits... And even eating some for breakfast! *gasp*

On my mom's last day in LA, we spent the late afternoon making her famous original baked cheesecake. It was actually the first time we made it with me being in charge ;) The only bad thing about the whole experience - mom never got to try the cake!

Mom, just to let you know, there's less than 1/4 of it left...




  1. i like how you decor the cheesecake, darlin....

  2. looks great P!! thanks so much for making it for us...hahhaha


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