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Sep 29, 2009

Matured & Distinguished

Last weekend, my favorite wifey threw an intimate get together for her husband's birthday... I'm obviously talking about B & T :)

Tyson and his boys worked the grill - we had amazing hamburgers for lunch with a super side of cheesy baked potatoes. Brooke and myself took care of dessert - it's what we do best! She made a vanilla bee cake with creamy chocolate frosting; bees are her and Tyson's thing... I remember when Brooke received the bee cake pan at her Cupcake Couture bridal shower - seems like ages ago, crazy! Liz would be proud you put it to good use, B ;) I made mom's baked cheesecake recipe, this time with a blueberry topping. There were a few cheesecake fans in the house - I hope I passed the test. Happy Birthday, Ty!

B's Bee Cake

P's Cheesecake

Happy Birthday!!

Mr. & Mrs. D

M, B, P, B

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