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Sep 11, 2009

I want some Mo'cha

A few days ago, I made mocha cupcakes with what was supposed to be coffee buttercream frosting.

Mocha cupcakes: turned out perfecto. Coffee buttercream: not so much.

I ran into a baking boo boo. The frosting recipe called for 1/2 cup of brewed coffee at room temperature. It was the last addition to the mixture, which was creamy and frosting-like. And of course, I poured the coffee in all at once and the consistency just wasn't the same. There was no way it would have stood up on the cupcakes, it was much too runny. Luckily I had some extra chocolate cream cheese frosting, which I ended up using instead. I chilled my coffee buttercream, waited 'till it hardened, and dropped a dollop on top of the chocolate frosting. For picture purposes only ;) Soon after, they kind of melted down in a weird bubbly, runny texture. Oh how sad... But it's ok, I'll try again next time! I still had my neighbors asking for some mo'...cha!




  1. ahhh, but it still looks good and what is the taste like?

  2. This look like perfection despite the booboo! Yummmm


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