Nuff Nang

Sep 16, 2009

Much to do about Muffin

Never throw away old, over ripe bananas. Solution: Make banana muffins!

That's what I did [Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins] and let me tell you, lot's of people were happy. Including myself. I had 2 people tell me these were their favorite treat of mine so far! Hmm maybe someone got the good end of the deal biting into a muffin while still on the cooling rack... I'm sure the melty hot chocolate chips had something to do with it ;) The batch only made a dozen, so they disappeared quite quickly. I frosted 6 of the muffins with some left over peanut butter frosting, and left the other half alone. These are a great little snack, morning bite, or any-time treat!





  1. I want one of these sooooo bad! Wanna send me some? :) your blog gets better everyday Patti I absolutley love it. xx


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