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Nov 11, 2009

Sage Room Pasta + Apple Crisp

I don't want to jinx it, but I'm starting to get lucky eating over with the Deklav's once a week... They are such great hosts and some of my favorite people to eat with. After all, Brooke and I share a pastime of many memorable eating moments ;) And there's only more to come.

This was my first time to try Tyson's "Sage Room Pasta" that is all the rage with his wifey. Apparently they used to eat at Sage Room [Malibu] quite a bit, always ordering the same pasta. One day it clicked for Tyson, "We can't be eating out all the time... I gotta learn how to make this dish." It actually worked out for the best, 'cause Brooke now thinks Tyson's version is even better than Sage Room. Score! Lemme tell you, it was wicked... I know it's a tomato based vodka sauce pasta with meat. I believe there was some sausage, real bacon bits and... I don't really remember, oops. Trust me though, it was killer. Thanks Ty!

Dessert was made by yours truly :) Lot of apples were sitting too comfortably in my fruit bowl, and I wanted to put them to some good use. I found a recipe for apple crisp and went from there. Turn-out was a success and because of Brooke and Ty's standard stock of vanilla ice-cream, my dessert was now apple crisp a la mode!



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  1. aww P! We love love love this post! It was such a great night and we look forward to many more :)


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