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Nov 15, 2009


On my Christmas list: an ice-cream machine! I'm not even kidding... Can you imagine making your own ice-cream at home? All the endless flavor possibilities and mix-in combinations would keep me busy for days slash weeks.

Baking class last week was on frozen desserts: ice-cream, sorbets, gelatos, and granitas. We didn't get to plate our creations at the end of class, instead we just tried each one as they froze off. I got to make coffee ice-cream *my favorite* and lime gelato. It's amazing to me how the main ingredients for ice-cream are milk, cream, sugar, eggs and whatever flavoring you choose to infuse the mixture with. Now I only want to buy the Haagen Dazs 5 ice-cream because they do it the all-natural way. Either that or make my own - even better :)



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  1. parents always make homemade ice cream :) it's sooo yummy. love you!


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