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Nov 4, 2009

What's For School Lunch?

Do you guys remember getting excited for school lunches? *Cue back to middle school* Waiting in line, having your secured table in the cafeteria, food fights, awkward run-ins with boys...

I remember being excited about certain items in the "caf" as we used to call it - Mr. Hoe's beef and broccoli, fried kway teow, and vegetable fried rice. I grew up in Singapore and there were lots of local influences regarding school lunches; if you can't already tell.

There is now a blog dedicated to school lunches: What's For School Lunch? As they describe it,"Various school lunches from around the world. School lunch doesn't really represent the best a country has to offer, but we still love it, because we grew up on it."

Any of these look familiar? Check out more school lunches on the blog!




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