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Nov 6, 2009

Jiggle as One

When a pastry chef combines eggs, milk and sugar - and bakes them - the result may be a smooth and creamy creme brulee or a silky creme caramel... When the same ingredients are stirred together over gentle heat, vanilla sauce is made. Baking is such a science!

Last week's class was on custards - everything from bread puddings to fruit custards to creme brulees. Eggs, milk and sugar plus a few different variables added in can make a world of different desserts. Playing with textures that ranged from thick and spoonable to a sliceable cream, the custard class was lots of fun. A little tip we learned - you know when your custard is ready and set when it "jiggles as one." Here's to jiggly custards!





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  1. creme brulee is my favorite dessert :) yuummmmm!!! love you!


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