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Aug 10, 2009

Trigger slash Snap Happy!!

First of all, I love getting things in the mail. Cards, letters, invitations, flowers, chocolates, packages... Today, I had a good-sized brown box outside my front door waiting to be scooped up and opened. So I did exactly that - and to my honest surprise, it was a dope camera from the love of my life :) THANKS BABE!! I had NO idea!! I've been talking about getting a new camera for a while now, one that takes better pictures than my current Sony Cyber-shot. Clearly my Sony baby is going to be jealous of his new bigger badder stronger sibling...

Yay I'm so excited to play with my new toy! The battery is charging right now so in the meantime I'm going to buy a new memory card. I'm off to do that right after I click "Publish Post" - laters!

Taken from my blackberry: Canon PowerShot G10

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  1. so so excited for you!! and J did such a sweet thang...can't wait to see the amazing new food pictures from this beauty!


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