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Aug 24, 2009

Puppy X Cupcake

Cupcakes and puppies are instant "lifters" in my life (along with flowers, chocolates, cards, packages... we've been over this). If you wanna make me happy, give me a cupcake. Or even better, an adorable furry friend! *I wish*

Susan drove over to hang out with me and the boys this weekend and showed me a pic of her new puppy, Maggy May. "Wait is that a cupcake toy? Ohmygod I have to put it on my blog." So here it is: Puppy X Cupcake on Patti's Palette.


M-Money, Pleasant Hill

Patti & Susan, Downtown Tiburon


  1. aw so cute!! i'm so glad we got to spend time together this weekend :) love you!

  2. wow, coco will sure have if she is still here. sigh....


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