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Aug 4, 2009

Today, my Cupcake made me Smile :)

Beverly Hills, same deal as Brentwood - when I'm in the area, I'm going to stop in for a cupcake. Today I'm thinking I'll be twice as happy because a) it's peanut butter chip day at Sprinkles and b) I'm finally going to be able to whisper the secret word from @Sprinkles on Twitter. A 2-for-1 cupcake deal in my eyes! While Corde and I run an errand at the bank, I'm simultaneously refreshing my Twitterberry every 30 seconds to catch a glimpse of today's password. Well we're finally at the storefront and no tweet from the cupcakery. Oh well. I go ahead and order my pb chip and Corde takes my advice and gets the same. (She also takes home red velvet for the bf - awww).


As we're driving off, I click "refresh" on my crackberry and... SPRINKLES JUST REVEALED THE SECRET WORD FOR TODAY! Crazy crazy crazy. I guess I'll have to go next time to get the satisfaction of uttering the secret password in exchange for a free cupcake...




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  1. I loved going to Sprinkles when I was out there! It sucks being back here in Utah, not a single cupcake place to hit up. I'll def. be at Sprinkles when I come back to LA at the end of the month!


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