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Feb 8, 2010

Magnolia Bakery

New York Ciiittaaayyyyy!! Over the weekend I finalized my NYC trip and now I just can't wait to be on the plane with J heading over to the big apple. I'm SUPER excited :) We are getting a list together of places to hit up, so if anyone has something they'd like to suggest, I'm all ears. Pizza spots, Italian places, local favs, cute bakeries... Anything and everything.

Photos below from Magnolia Bakery, Thanksgiving 2008. Even the cold didn't stop us from enjoying our cupcakes outside. It was worth it.






  1. I heard Magnolia Bakery is coming to LA - somewhere near the Grove!!

  2. oh emmmmmm geeeeeeeeeeeee... looks so good!! so jealous!! :))))

  3. Bice has the best Tiramisu
    Gordon Ramsay inside the London Hotel is also bomb

  4. Hi- just came across your blog! I don't know if you made your trip to NYC yet, but if you haven't here are some GREAT places to try!
    -Shake Shack...awesome burgers and hotdogs. There are several locations around the city, my favorite (if the weather is nice)is in Madison Park.
    -Gramercy Tavern...MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! May have to make reservations in advance and is expensive but SO WORTH IT!
    -Spotted Pig- also burgers..haven't been but my sister swears by it.
    -Milk and Cookies..I think it's on bleaker st downtown..Snickerdoodle mmmm
    -Pearl...seafood.. amazing lobster rolls and clam chowder
    -Otto.. italian and really great.

    I have many more suggestions if needed! Your blog is great, although it does make me hungry!My two friends and I just started our blog today and have yet to post anything..

    If you haven't gone to NYC yet, enjoy! And please post about your trip!!!

    -Fellow Foodie, Mary


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