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May 20, 2009

Skippy Natural, Where Art Thou?

Over the past few months, I developed a serious addiction to Skippy's natural peanut butter - my stash would be gone in a matter of days. 14 servings per jar; ya right! I like how the product uses palm oil rather than hydrogenated oil, which is a big no no. The palm oil also eliminates the usual oil separation that is seen in natural peanut butters. You don't even have to refrigerate it either, room temperature is perfectly fine. To my disappointment, NONE of the supermarkets here in Singapore carry Skippy Natural :( It makes me so sad. I have to face the fact that I will be continuing to experience withdrawals until Chris brings some back for me in a few days... Thanks Chris for saving me! I can't wait to make velvety smooth PB&Js!


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  1. i didnt even know they made it with naturals... bestie always helpin me out!


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