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May 22, 2009

It's err, 2 o'clock somewhere...

At the moment, I'm an ocean away from my beloved Malibu, but I'm still keeping in mind all my dope-a*s friends on the West Coast. I want them to transition into summer with great outfits, great weather and of course, great cocktails! Great outfits -  I trust my stylish sisters to take care of that themselves. Great weather - Cali takes care of that one. Great cocktails - I present... *drum roll please* Summer Fridays at the Viceroy

Their new summer happy hour by the pool-side Cameo Bar starts at 2 and ends at 6.  Get this, the price tags of all beverages are dictated by the time of day; if it's 2pm, your drink is $2, if it's 4pm, your drink is $4, u get it... Bar bites are wallet-friendly as well, think mini sliders and quesadillas. YUM. I expect you guys to find a DD, put on something cute, and get ready to kick off the summer in style!

Miss you guys. Xo


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  1. so cute and you know tyson and i will making an appearance :) wish you and Jon could join us! love you :)


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