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May 13, 2009

Say, "Cheeesseee!"

As much as I want to say Jon and I were experimenting and "accidentally" put together this "non-traditional" grilled cheese sandwich, I gotta give credit to the lady herself, good ol' Oprah. On the Oprah's Sandwich Showdown episode, her bff Gayle travels across the US of A to taste test Esquire magazine's compilation of the best sandwiches in the country.

Jon and I being the foodie couple that we are, wanted to replicate Greg Rayner's version of grilled cheese that he serves at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, Michigan. The secret ingredients we used were havarti cheese and organic basil, tomatoes and honey. Try it - you will see why it made the list!

Slice up the tomatoes
Chop the basil

Butter your bread
Place it in the pan butter side down

Add the cheese, basil and tomato
Drizzle honey over the cheese

Flip the 'wich


To see the published recipe, click here
To see more of Gayle's Great Sandwich search, click here
To see Esquire's compilation, click here


  1. Wow this sounds good! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Harvati cheese is the bomb!

  2. yeah if you love havarti, you will love this! gotta try the grilled cheese :)

  3. this look amazing!! you guys are so cute!!


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