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May 27, 2009

Opening in Malibu :: Cafe Habana

I know I know... I said I was on pause, but I just came across a little something on the Internet. If you've lived in Malibu for 4 years - which I now have - you are bound to have tried and tested all the food places in the area; from Nobu, which costs an arm and a leg to Lily's, which is the best hole-in-the wall burrito joint around. After a while, you pick your favorites and become constant patrons due to the slim pickings in this little beach town. Wellllll I read here on Eater LA about a new place opening in Malibu: Cafe Habana. It's described as home-style Latin food with unique Cuban and Mexican accents. Interesting. I've never heard of it before, and I'm assuming you haven't either (if you have, lo siento), so let's get familiar >> Check out the restaurant's website and we can then decide on what we think of the new addition to Malibu's restaurants!



  1. no way! P! such exciting news!! thanks :)

  2. the place is amazing!!!!!!


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