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Jul 24, 2009

"Me? Yes, you."

Scene: Patti, Jon and Rosario in conversation sipping on iced-lattes

Val: The girl at the counter wants a picture with Patti.
Patti: Me?
Val: Yes, you.

Here I am walking over to the sales counter thinking, "Omg this poor girl probably thinks I'm somebody else... This could be embarrassing." Nevertheless I introduce myself, "Hi, I'm Patti. What's your name?"

"I know. I read your blog," was her response.

How bun!!

To say the least, I was very flattered; Geisha totally made my day :) We took a photo and I told Geisha -my new friend- to try the food at Trilogy Canteen sometime. If you're reading this, let me know if you got the chance to eat there!

Me & Geisha

Geisha also sent me a picture of her wearing the dope tee she bought that day at the store


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