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Jul 8, 2009

DKNY Cafe?

Just as I was coming to write this post, I realized I didn't even know the name of the sandwich place that my family goes to!

Way back when [middle school days] we used to frequent the DKNY cafe for a little retail and cafe action. Chris and I always got the ham and swiss sandwich and depending on my mood I would either choose between green or potato salad as my side. After ordering, mom and I would "browse" around the store until we got a call from Chris/Dad letting us know that the food had arrived. The cafe staff came to know us by name and had our orders memorized. After a few years they informed us that DKNY no longer wanted a cafe in their space - they were now moving under the same management to another location in Cineleisure. Given that the ambience wasn't the same as the original spot, we still continued to go when we were craving their hot pressed sandwiches.

Before we left Singapore, we paid a final visit to the cafe. I seriously don't know what it is called now, but it's in the same store as the Apple Center in Cineleisure. Give it a try soon because they just told us they might only have a few more months in the mall... Bad luck. Maybe their third location will be a charm!


Tuna and grilled veggie salad

Hot Pastrami and Swiss on Onion Rye for Chris, Dad and Me


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