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Jul 13, 2009

Can I take yo picture?

I was browsing online looking for cameras that take high quality food photographs... And I got to this post from the Food & Wine Blog, Mouthing Off. From this post, I side-tracked onto their link for tips on taking good photos of food. I thought I would share:

1. Never use a flash
2. Get in close
3. Wipe glasses and plate edges
4. Work quickly
5. Keep hands steady
6. Shoot a lot
7. Shoot food as it's being prepared
8. Know what not to shoot
9. Do your homework

Go to the link here to read more about the tips!

Does anyone know of any camera in particular that takes great shots of food? Holler back.


  1. i take lots of food pics with my nikon d80 and find the results better than with any other camera

  2. i'm just gonna say one thing... i use a canon ixus 80is and it is THE best camera EVER. even for food photos! :)

  3. i'm gonna check both of those camera's out! thanks :)


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