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Apr 21, 2009

Cupcake Couture

Brooke wants to see your lovely face,
So come dressed in silk, chiffon or lace
The theme of the day is Cupcake Couture,
With food, games and cupcakes galore
Show the newlyweds that you care...
Please bring baking accessories and cooking ware

This weekend, I helped host a bridal shower for my favorite bride-to-be: B-Unit. Brooke and I have had an obsession with cupcakes ever since I can remember, so a cupcake-themed shower could not have been more appropriate. Together, we have definitely used up lots of gas money for countless drives to SusieCakes and Sprinkles. Last summer, we even went on our very own Cupcake Tour 08 to see if we could find new untapped destinations. We came to find out that SusieCakes and Sprinkles are still our winners. In fact, Brooke is looking to get a perfected red velvet recipe from the Ritz Carlton for her wedding cake. Too bad they charge an absurd amount to bring in your own cake from another company.

For Brooke's shower, we had 3 cupcake towers filled with red velvet and peanut butter cupcakes from SusieCakes. What is a celebration without cupcakes :)





  1. aw Patti!! This is by far my favorite post by my favorite person :) and it's the most special to me. hehe

    love you long time P!

    ps...we need a Cupcake Tour 09!

  2. This is the best!
    I makes me want to bake now ;)


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