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Apr 19, 2009

Curry In a Hurry

Instead of going to Senior Ball, a couple of friends [Alex, Rachel, Matt, Marcus] and I decided to go out for a casual dinner to celebrate Senior Week. We hadn't been to any senior events all week so we thought to make our own, in good company and conversation recapping memories over the four years. 

The place of the night was Nawab of India, a cultural experience one could say. We didn't have to drive far; Nawab of India is on Wilshire between 16th and 17th street. Alex thought the restaurant was expecting us when she saw an open parking spot directly in front of the entrance. Score! You first walk in and it's deceivingly small... until you notice there is another room on the right. The whole ambience is very Indian from the decor, bright colors, wait staff to the food - duh. The seats still had the plastic coverings on them; we were a little amused by that for a quick second.

After munching on the poppadom's -free of charge-  we ordered 5 exotic and authentic Indian dishes. While waiting, the cauliflower chutney and mint green coriander kept on being replenished because we were still dipping the crunchy poppadom's in the mini sauce bowls. Soon after, our garlic naan arrived in time with our dishes and we were nothing short of dipping again. Dipping naan into the different sauces is a must when eating Indian food. My favorite is naan smothered in dahl. Or naan smothered in curry sauce! The food was great but I have to say... it wasn't as spicy as I would have liked. I can't help but think they "dumbed it down" for us. Maybe they thought we weren't accustomed to the fragrant spices and flavors? Next time, we'll tell them to bring it on!

We dipped the poppadom's in these small sauces/dips

Samosas: whole wheat skins stuffed with a blend of spiced potatoes and peas
*could have been much more spicier

Tandoori Mushrooms: mushrooms marinated in onions and grilled on the tandoor
*next time, i would like to order chicken to be grilled on the tandoor

Shrimp Makhanwala: shrimp in tomato cream curry
*this was heavenly with rice

Dahl Makhani: lentils cooked in spices
*could have been spicier

Sag Paneer: spinach and cottage cheese cooked in spices
*this was perfection, but again more spices would have been better


  1. Too bad spinach gets a bad rap when you're younger... I'm a huge fan. The Sag Paneer sounds awesome, and just as a general rule of thumb the spicier the better...

  2. OMG, I am sure you know what to order, darling. you really improved your


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