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Apr 10, 2009

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard!!

... Damn right, it's better than yours.

Maybe my milkshake doesn't bring all the boys to the yard, but MOM's does! MOM? Millions of Milkshakes, silly. I finally got to discover what Hollywood's funkiest milkshake bar was all about. I drove with Chris and Shannon from Malibu to West Hollywood and let me tell you, I would drive there again again and again to get me some more of those shakes.

This celebrity-infested concept of make-your-own milkshakes has been receiving lots of hype since it first opened in 2008. I believe the initial draw was the advertisements of the Britney, Paris and Lindsay shakes... Now MOM has added even more celebrity shakes to their menu for those who don't want to create their own mixture of greatness: Miley, Beckham, Brangelina, Obama and the Kardashian's all boast their own shakes at MOM. They even have hanging plasma flat screens in-store playing Milkshake TV; just imagine paparazzi/TMZ shot videos all having to do with celebrity visits to MOM.

The up-beat, brightly decorated interior invites outsiders to step inside and it definitely sets the tone for the amazing shakes offered. Both American and British goodies comprise the toppings galore that one can choose from. Since we all are familiar with the American treats, let me list a few of the British goodies: Bounty, Toffee Crisp, Rollo, and Mars Bar. The only option is vanilla, but you can get it three ways; ice-cream, yoghurt, or soy.

Chris got the Beckham shake (banana+nutella+whipped cream+fudge+flake), Shannon got the Miley shake (cookie dough+reese's+whipped cream+flake) and I got the Patti shake (ferrero rocher+cookie dough+fudge). They are *uber* generous with toppings, and rightly so for a milkshake bar. Calorie counting? Not here!






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  1. will i like this??? too filling for me, (I think)...


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