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Sep 4, 2011


Just came back from a lovely trip to Singapore! My old stomping grounds ;) Sometimes I forget that I spent 8 crucial years in the Lion City - Middle & High School, c'mon that's crucial. Food wise, we were able to squeeze in a lot of places during our long weekend visit... We basically walked a shiz load on Orchard Road which lent us to little snacks throughout the day. I won't do my posts in chronological order, but this lunch here was our very first meal after we checked into our hotel.

SUSHI TEI BABY! I reference Sushi Tei often, when talking about possible new Japanese concepts for Manila to bring in. Their dishes stay true to Japanese flavors, yet their menu is still interesting and creative. Sushi Tei also offers monthly specials to boot - I used to always look forward to that. On the plane ride from Manila to Singapore, Jon and I agreed we'd go here first. We were SO excited to be back and eating at Paragon again :)

*Check out my first Sushi Tei post here - brings back memories of blogging from Singapore - awww*

Salmon Wafu Carpaccio

Special: Mushroom Salmon Wrap

Special: Ebi Vegetable Gyoza

Chicken Kaarage

Cha Soba

Dragon Roll

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