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Jan 9, 2010

Lilac Flowers & Purple Icing

I love getting birthday hugs and birthday kisses. In all honestly, I only really got -semi- birthday kisses from mom and dad, no real ones. Cheeks are 'semi', and on the lips are 'real' :) My brother did give me a birthday hug... No other hugs nor kisses. Anyways, next on the list is birthday calls/texts and I guess now I have to say FaceBook posts and Twitter @'s. Thank you to everyone who greeted me today in some form or another. Friends and family truly matter the most to me.

I'm so lucky that my parents are here on my special day. It was a quiet birthday today. Waiting until next week to celebrate with the girls... Birthday presents aside, the best simple pleasures of the day were my red velvet cake and lilac roses. Xo




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm glad you had such a great 1q2w3s (thats from jonah)....anyways, i am glad you had such a great day!! i love you bestie

  2. Susie Cakes Velvet Cake.... I miss you, B. <3


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