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Jun 12, 2009

Vamos a la Fiesta!!

Deciding to break out of the usual dinner routine at home, Jon and I came up with the idea to host "Mexican Night" for my family. The table was transformed into simple Mexican favorites that proved to be crowd pleasers table-round. Check out our fiesta!

Strait from Texas! Soon to me Mrs. sent them over from Texas herself
[Chili Salsa + Chipotle con Queso]

Chili Lime + Blue Corn

Chips 'n Dip

Jalepeno Cilantro Tortillas filled with ooey gooey Mexican Blend cheese

FRESH guac... You heard that right, *fresh*

Jon's chicken fajitas

Patti's layered dip
[Refried beans + Chicken + Chili Salsa + Cheese cheese and more cheese]

Delicioso :) 

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