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Jul 22, 2011

Only at KYSS...

Jalapeno Pesto Pasta + Sesame Tuna Tataki

Asian Beef Tenderloin + Onion Rings + Truffle Mash


  1. that pesto meal looks AMAZING!!!

  2. viewing your blog never fails to make me hungry.

  3. Hi Patti,

    I saw pics of the food for Kyss first here at your site, and went on to have dinner there. Sadly, that Jalapeno pasta didn't look anything like that. It was pasta with green cream sauce, rather than green pesto-ish sauce. Also, there wasn't any lemon, no seaweed, no sesame, none of the nice trappings here. Plus, it didn't taste pesto-ey at all. Just cream and jalapeno. I was so disappointed, and partially embarrassed because I was raving to my friends about how good they were presented in here.

    We also tried the 4-cheese pizza and also, underwhelming.
    I guess, all your great photos kinda kept my hopes up. And I know you know how to eat so I kinda had high expectations in this place.

    Sayang. Their menu had so much promise. =(
    Hope they get to take a look a it.

    Oh, on a lighter note -- how you eat is the only way I know how to eat as well. =) More power!


  4. Thank you Patti!
    We hope to see you again at KYSS :]

  5. @shirin0809 - i'm so sorry to hear this! i would feel the exact same way as you did... this is good feedback for the restaurant; i think they have seen your comments since i've already published it and they have commented after you. all the best! thanks again for your honest review.

  6. now i want mashed potatoes and fried onion rings haha!


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