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Mar 25, 2011

Alice Blue

Hooked on Alice Blue

Whenever I pass their kiosk in Rockwell, I can’t resist the smell coming from those dainty looking Tiffany colored boxes. Alice Blue has created familiar, beloved scents that are able to permeate any space; be it your living room, office or bedside table. My favorite, of course, is the "Is something baking in the oven?" scent. I not-so-secretly achieve that smell by buying the Berry Crumble soy candle ;)

This isn't a foodie post per se, but when you smell the candles - you'll think they're good enough to eat!

Berry Crumble

White Tea & Ginger

Below is a cute excerpt from their website on how they came up with the brand’s name…

“The classic Alice Blue container candle comes in the natural color of soy wax -- white. Since our candles are white, we decided to name them after a color. Alice Blue is a pale shade of blue and was named after Theodore Roosevelt's daughter, Alice Roosevelt-Longworth.

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