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Apr 15, 2010

Kogi, Brentwood

I can't help but post about more Kogi! Every time I go, I wanna share it on my blog :) Going through my Kogi posts, I know it can seem a bit redundant... It's like a new arrangement of the menu each time. Then I thought, DUH, I know what can make it different - the specials! Kogi has different weekly features on their website, and now I make it a point to order the "off the menu" item. Look below to see the weekly special that Cordelia and I tried!


Kogi Sliders

Black Jack Quesadilla

* KOGI SPECIAL* Short Rib & Kimchi Quesadilla



  1. everytime i see a kogi post, i just start drooling. i'm going to be heartbroken if i don't try it in 2 weeks!!


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