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Dec 3, 2009

Dinner by Me

Believe it for not, this is the first dinner I have made for Jon. We cook a lot together and collaborate, but I have never let him just sit down, relax and wait for dinner to be served. As much as he loves to be in the kitchen, I told him to hold tight and just let me do everything for once. Not sure what got into me, but I thought lamb chops would be something different for us. I found a simple recipe for rosemary lamp chops and did my thing. I wanted a side of mac 'n cheese so I found a recipe for that as well and altered it a little bit. I kind of added my own blend of cheeses, using the different packets we had in the fridge. It's time I start building a recipe book for more dinners by Me :)

After I seared the marinated lamb chops, I put them in the oven to finish

Mac 'n Cheese waiting in the oven

Kitchen Shot

Christmas Spread

Ok, so I put out some Thanksgiving left overs too...

My pleasure


  1. you need to teach me how to cook! and i LOVE that *love* shirt you're wearing.


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