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Aug 10, 2011



If I ate egg tarts from Lord Stow's for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner of my stay in Macau, I'd be one happy girl. Forget the rest of my Macau posts, these egg tarts were the best thing I put in my mouth! I seriously think we found the best egg tart bakery there... They were churning these babies out every 15 minutes. I got a peep at the bakery window and it was dominated by egg tart production - definitely their specialty. We went twice, and both times our tarts were still warm when served... MMM. They tasted like little cups of heaven... The pastry crust was flaky, crunchy and not too thick. It was like the perfect pot for the custard filling, which reminded me a bit of creme brulee. The tops were caramelized and they were just amazing. Kinda hope my dad goes for another trip - I know what to ask for pasalubong ;)

*Nevermind! Just found out they have Lord Stow's here in Manila too. Score.




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