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Jan 30, 2011

"Be a Powers Baby"



So now I can get into what my previous post was about... Let me start with this: I’m so happy and excited to be an ambassador for Powersnet! Sitting alongside power bloggers, Carlos Concepcion, Laureen Uy, Lissa Kahayon and Bobby Sangalang, we have joined the John Robert Powers family in launching their new social networking site, Powersnet. This is such a cool platform for sharing photos and starting conversations through whatever it is your interests may be. You’ll see that the majority of my entries will be about my two favorite F-words, food and fashion. Though, you’ll notice that I slant towards the former a bit more ;)

Please sign up so we can get this thang started! Be sure to add up PattiGrand to see all my entries...

[Carlos has a few things to say as well, here on his Powersnet entry Be a Powers Baby]

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